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Vapour is our business

Devices and techniques to generate and manage with efficiency and precision gaseous matters.


We support our clients on the different phases of the product development: product specification, design, certification, prototyping, industrialization and manufacturing.

Mini Vap Mini Vap Mini Vap Mini Vap


We develop suitable designs for a given product or specification working in multidisciplinary areas like: mechanics, FEA (for thermal/mechanical behaviour), industrial design, electronics and software development.

FEA Thermal Simulations

Constant extraction capability Foto THC release from MiniVAP

Automatic user's functions


We support our clients through the product certification processes. From CE marking to medical certification, including technical support for clinical trials.

CE mark or medical certificacion

Industrialization and Manufacturing

We industrialize and manufacture our developments, from prototyping to mass production. We do white label manufacturing for our OEM clients.


Hermes has delivered its services and products in various markets.


Hermes has been mainly focused on the healthcare market since it was created. We strongly believe that vaporization and vapour management techniques can be very useful for children, adults and animals.

Some applications develped on this field:
-The MiniVAP vaporizer and the aroma dispenser are products developed for this market.

Professional Training & Education

Hermes Medical has developed different applications for soumeliers' training, nose training and educational kits

Art & Marketing

We are curious about the lenguages of the Art and the potential of the sense of smell and essences in marketing. If you need our assistance please let us know.



MiniVAP was entirely developed by Hermes Medical Engineering from scratch. An extensive research on the state of the art in evaporation techniques and materials to create this patent pending new concept to enhance the vapour quality, user experience and portability

With MiniVAP we demonstrated that portability is not against the quality of vaporization, showing important advantages over other systems of evaporation:

  • Optimized vaporization ratio increasing energy efficiency. Low power consumption
  • On demand extraction and 100% convection heating. The amount of vapour is proportional to the user inhalation (under the personal control).
  • Stability of temperature between inhalations. Constant extraction capability.
  • Reduced size of the device.
  • Modular design for easy new functionality integration.

Aromachine™ 1.0 & Aromaglasses

Aromachine and AromaGlasses are 2 different aroma dispensers by evaporation (opposed to spray dispensers) in order to have a real and natural feeling of the smell.
It has multiple applications in different areas like:

  • Recreational: applications for museum exhibitions and virtual smells for video games
  • Educational: smell/taste teaching, training in food industry, etc.
  • Healthcare/Therapeutics: logospeeching, PTSD 'post traumatic stress disorders' and memory training.

It is presented in different configurations depending on the number of smells, the intensity and volume of the dispensed aroma required. A portable or wireless versions are also available.

About us

HERMES Medical Engineering, S.L. was created in 2008 to develop innovative and high quality products for the healthcare market. Vapour is the key technology in Hermes’ developments, designing and using techniques to generate, conduct, mix, manage and control this gaseous matter. With solutions for the risk reduction for smoke free, tobacco and herb consumption, medical drug delivery and also in education or the arts.

Jorge Fernandez
Co-founder of Hermes Medical Engineering SL.

Since I was a child, my passion has been invention and building new devices. My dream became reality and continues in a technological, chaotic and interconnected global society. A good design is durable, beautiful and functional, one that takes into account the little details present in the imagination, rational knowledge and user's intuition.

Only that day dawns to which we are awake. -Henry David Thoreau


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